Dielof van Loon

A 22-year old studying Robotics at the TU Delft.


Delft, the Netherlands

Hi! I’m Dielof, a Dutch student from Delft. My main career is in robotics and I have already built multiple robotics projects throughout my education at the TU Delft. You can read more here! Before ending up at the Robotics master, I did a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. Please see my resume for more details!

I am currently looking for an internship in the Robotics or Data field and hope to learn a lot from it.!

Besides my ambitions to become a robotics engineer, I do a lot of other stuff. I am a skipper in the summer around the mediterranean for Yacht Week and for private charters, I converted my biggest creative hobby in to a profession by deejaying mainly house and techno and I love to mountainbike!

My home projects have also taught me a lot. I am now an “expert” in solar panel installations and fabricating e-bikes. Besides these major projects, I still regularly start mini-projects for example this website, or building computer towers from scratch. Look around and send me an email if you want to talk to me!

selected projects